Using www for Your Graffiti CMS Domain Name

New installations of Graffiti CMS default to using just the domain name (

for your site.  All requests to the domain as will be redirected to the site via a 301 redirect which is search engine friendly.   There was a discussion on the GCMS forums as to whether it was a good/bad to have the www in the domain name which you can read here.

But what if you want to use because you feel it is the best possible address for your site?  It’s a simple edit to the web.config file in your site:

<!–Helps ensure good SEO and stops duplicate content. Many search engines treat www. and no www. as two seperate links. –>

<add key=Graffiti::RequireWWW value=false/>


<add key=Graffiti::RequireWWW value=”true/>

Now all requests to the short name will be re-directed to the www name for all of of your Graflinks.  Expect search engines to re-classify them as they are discovered as well.

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