Searching Uncategorized Posts

In Graffiti’s default installation settings, uncategorized posts are filtered from the home page.

This also has the affect of excluding these items from the search engine.   Generally speaking, this probably won’t be an issue since most posts will be categorized for navigational purposes.  However, you may have a post that you want users to be able to find via search, but you also would like the post to remain uncategorized.

In your web.config, you can modify the following value from “true” to “false” in order to allow your uncategorized posts to be searched:

<!– Cateogry Filter–>
<add key=”Graffiti:Data:FilterUncategorizedPostsFromLists” value=”true” />
The side affect of changing this key value is that your uncategorized posts will now show on your home page list. However, this can be easily resolved with a few lines of chalk code to re-filter the posts.

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