Graffiti Extras – Theme Explorer

Keyvan has done a great amount of work contributing very helpful plugins and widgets for Graffiti CMS.

The latest version of Graffiti Extras, released today, includes the Theme Explorer plugin/widget.  This tip will help you understand how you can utilize this new package that has been added to the Graffiti Extras project.

First, download the latest release of Graffiti Extras from here (download the binary version). Next, extract the zip file and copy the GraffitiExtras.dll file from the uncompressed folder to the bin directory of your website.

Now you need to enable the Theme Explorer plugin by going to Site Options -> Plugins -> Find Theme Explorer and click “Enable” in the admin menu.  The final step is to add the Theme Explorer widget to your sidebar, again via the admin menu Presentation -> Widgets -> Find Theme Explorer and add it to the left or right sidebar (Don’t forget to add a title to the widget).

Once the plugin is enabled and the widget is configured, all of your installed themes will now be displayed as links in your sidebar.  When a user clicks on a link the displayed theme will change and they can view your site in any of the themes you have installed or created.

This is particularly useful for theme designers that wish to give users a live preview of a theme without installing multiple instances of Graffiti CMS.  Please give this package an evaluation and leave me your feedback and a link if you install this on your Graffiti website.

Update: is using the Theme Explorer plugin/widget to display some very nice themes that have been converted to Graffiti CMS

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