Graffiti CMS IRC Room

If you’ve searched high and low for the answer to a problem and you’ve been through every Graffiti CMS tip on the Internet, there is one more place you can look.  The Graffiti CMS IRC channel.

  • Host:
  • Room: #graffiticms

As mentioned here, it is better to use the support forum for general questions but if you’re really stuck it’s an option.  Here are some helpful tips if you do decide to join the channel:

  • Don’t Be Demanding:  No one is being paid to answer your questions in the IRC channel, it’s a volunteer effort
  • Just Ask: Don’t ask if you can ask the question, just ask the question
  • Do Be Patient:  Don’t expect an immediate response.  Everyone in the channel is working (as opposed to simply watching the IRC chat window all day), ask a question and wait for it… wait for it…

If you follow those rules your certain to get an answer to your question, and probably a pretty good one.

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